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Nexus BMS 18s BMS

Nexus BMS 18s BMS

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This BMS is designed to be sleek and compact for one-wheel and electric skateboard use cases. It uses an active balancing IC, which will balance your pack's cells while charging. Doesn't use the bleeding method of balancing like some of the other BMS on the market. This BMS is extremely efficient, generating little to no heat when charging.

Please read the instructions when connecting the BMS to the battery. It will damage the BMS if connectors are not connected in the right order.


  • 18s BMS battery compatibility
  • Overheating protection: It will stop charging around 55°C to 60°C.
  • Active Cell balancing
  • Efficiently balances battery pack voltage with little to no heat generated
  • 6A charging speed recommended but can do up to 10A (Heatsink is coming soon for fast charging)
  • Sleek form factor: 25mm by 100mm
  • Charge-only design for Electric skateboards

BMS Datasheet: (Please read) 


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