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15s Nexus BMS V2,Pint and XR, VESC, Charge Only BMS

15s Nexus BMS V2,Pint and XR, VESC, Charge Only BMS

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IN STOCK: 15s BMS v2.

I am proud to say that this BMS is open source If any component goes bad, I have a full parts list on GitHub, and it is designed to be easily repaired. This BMS comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked warranty.

This is a drop in replacement for the stock pint and XR BMS. It includes a passthrough design similar to the Stock BMS. Note: Polarity already reversed for Stock FM battery do not use this BMS for any other application other than 15s and for XR and pint One wheel that have been converted to VESC. Please check the stock FM harness the polarity may have to be switch on the other end of the controller.


  • Charge-only configuration 
  • Balances cell voltages only during charging
  • Offers overcharge protection to prevent cell damage.
  • Overheat battery protection- Will stop charging at 55c to 60c
  • Sleep mode during low pack voltage
  • Plug-and-play design for Pint and XR VESC conversions



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